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Prof. Dr. Andreas Hüttemann

Chair for Early Modern to Contemporary Theoretical Philosophy 


Ursula Heister, M.A.

Graduate Assistants:
Farzaneh Hassanali
Jan Köster (M.A.)
Liane Lofink 
Elisabeth Muchka (B.A.)
Martin Voggenauer (M.A., M.Sc.)

Main Publications

  • Ursachen, (2. überarbeitete Auflage) de Gruyter, Berlin 2018.  engl: Causation, (2. edition) de Gruyter, Berlin 2018
  • „The Return of Causal Powers?“ in: Stathis Psillos, Benjamin Hill & Henrik Lagerlund (eds.) Causal Powers in Science: Blending Historical and Conceptual Perspectives, Oxford University Press (forthcoming)
  • „Ceteris paribus laws in Physics“ in: Erkenntnis 79 (2014), 1715 – 1728.

Key Research Areas

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Metaphysics
  • Early Modern